What is a Nano-Ceramic Coating?

Essentially a Nano-Ceramic coating is a coating that is applied to cars clear coat and helps protect the car from minor scratches and UV damages and acid contamination. And allowing the car to keep a deep shine for several years

What are the benefits of getting a ceramic coating?

The durability of the of coating last a long time and protects the paint from acidic contaminants and light scratches and UV damage and allows your cars pain to keep that deep shine for years.

What should I do before bringing my vehicle in for a ceramic coating?

Please make sure the car is free from many blemishes or major scratches prior to having the coating done and it is recommended the coating only be done to cars free of rust. Please note we do not do paint work at our facility ie. Paint chips and physical painting – this must be done elsewhere.

How does ceramic coating compare to wax?

While a traditional wax will last you 1-3 months on average if well-kept and a synthetic wax will last you 3-6 months on average if well-kept, a ceramic coating will last you between 3-5 years if well-kept.

How long does a ceramic coating last?

If you properly maintain the vehicle and have it detailed properly the coating will last you 5 years; however, if you use abrasive chemicals and frequently go through car washes with it then you will slowly be stripping the coating, lessening the life of the coating.

How can I remove the ceramic coating?

If you purposefully are trying to remove the coating, this must be done by a professional as it needs to be polished down to the clear coat without going down to the base coat. But if you are wondering if it is possible to strip it accidentally, then no, it is nearly impossible to strip accidentally unless you frequently are rubbing the car with hard pressure or using extremely abrasive chemicals.

How long does ceramic coating take to apply?

This all depends on the size of the vehicle and can be determined at the time of the pre-cleaning checklist, but on average it will take 15-24 hours to complete.